A Pilates and Fitness Studio with a Difference

Witney Personal Trainers and Body Fit Solutions

Stuart and Kelly launched Witney Personal Trainers in 2011 to provide pilates and fitness training to the Oxfordshire area. Using a great space within Balance Studios, Witney they were able to grow and develop their business plans. These plans involved adding a new business to encompass all the programs they offered within the studio and hope to launch in the coming years. 
Therefore: Our sister company Body Fit Solutions was born! 
We felt that having personal training within our name was confusing the fact that we primarily offer small group fitness and pilates classes as well as our 1-1 personal training sessions. We also wanted to promote our work with leading medical and rehabiliation specialists, in the local area, to help those suffering from back pain and other injuries recover to pain free, functioning levels and beyond. 
So as not to confuse the two companies we have made a clear divide of the services each provides.
Body Fit Solutions Ltd offers small group fitness and pilates classes within contemporary spaces.  Our classes use large pilates equipment such as reformers, cadillacs and stability chairs and modern fitness equipment like kettlebells, gravity suspension/TRX, bosus and stability balls.  In addition we focus on a variety of body weight training techniques. 
Witney Personal Trainers Ltd is a personal training company led by Stuart Colling and Kelly Vanderboom who offer personal training and pilates exercise therapy within the Body Fit Solutions Studio.  They also provide PT at alternative venues or client homes in the area. We also offer bespoke workshops in equestrian pilates, sports conditioning, golf core training, children and teen fitness and Continuing development pilates sessions for Physiotherapists and medical professionals.  
We offer each of our clients the best programme of exercise and expert training in the area. With a team of connected professionals we aim to improve posture, function, core strength and promote staying active for longer.