Mobility Warmup for any form of exercise

Mobility Warm up for any form of exercise. Body Fit solutions

Myofascial release with foam roller

Body Fit Solutions Myofascial foam rolling warm up

21 Day June Fitness Challenge

Body Fit Solutions 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Pure Stretch Taster


Cardio 3 - Cardio and Power Full Body

Body Fit Solutions 20min Cardio and Power workout for 21 Day Reboot

Cardio 2 - Tabata Cardio and Legs

Body Fit Solutions Cardio Leg Tabata 15min for 21 Day Reboot

Upper Body Strength Workout

Body Fit Solutions Upper Body workout 30min for 21 Day Reboot.

Tabata Training Workout

Body Fit Solutions fitness challenge F4 Tabata style

Time Bomb Workout Part 2

Body Fit Solutions Fitness Challenge 3 TimeBomb Workout Part 2. Pete Ashman