Posture Correction

Rebalance your body with Pilates
The Body Fit Specialist team collaborate together to help assess, rehabilitate, and give corrective exercise to those with a variety of injuries.  Our team includes osteopaths, kinesiologists, massage therapists, and fully trained Pilates equipment instructors. 
Working the body from the inner muscles (local stabilizers) and then building control and strength in the outer muscles (global movers) is the key to injury prevention and is the start of any rehabilitation programme.
The key is looking at the whole picture.
An injury is not just a local problem. Rather, it is usually a long-term repetition of a bad habit where weakness develops and compensation results. This can lead to overstretched and underdeveloped muscles which create spasm and overcontraction in the opposite muscle group. This long-term imbalance leads to injury.
We will work to find the root of the problem, identify weaknesses and compensation, and work with a smart programme of exercises that specifically address the needs of the individual. Homework and practise most often will lead to a reduction in pain and the ability to lead a more normal life.
We have worked with clients who have: 
  • Back Pain and Pathologies
  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis
  • Pelvic Dysfunction and Weak Pelvic Floor
  • Hip, Knee and Ankle Injuries
  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Injuries
  • A need for Pre- and Post-Natal rehabilitation

How do I begin?
1. Book our three Professional Full Body MOT Sessions with one of our rehab specialists to assess your posture, give corrective exercises for your needs, and work on an individual programme.
2. After an initial assessment progress to one of our semi-privates, Gentle Pilates/Balance classes, or Remedial classes

Book your 3 Professional Full Body MOT Sessions today