Pilates Classes in Witney

Feel and move better with equipment Pilates


What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a great foundation for all movement as it is low impact and bone healthy. Designed to suit all levels and abilities, practising Pilates can:

  • Improve back health and posture by training the deep support muscles around the spine and pelvis
  • Improve core strength, tone and lean the body with springs and resistance that do not produce bulk in the muscles
  • Increase flexibility by working to lean and lengthen muscles 
  • Increase strength and balance in the body doing a variety of low impact exercises you cannot get anywhere else
  • Lead to feeling better and more energized without the sweat! 


Where do I start?

1.  If you have any injuries or are very new to exercise:
Book 3 Full Body MOT sessions with our Pilates instructors to identify postural imbalances, provide movement improving exercises, and learn the principles of Pilates on the mat and equipment. We recommend this for anyone who has been referred by a medical professional or is suffering from a chronic injury, back pain or postural weakness. These sessions can lead you into our Gentle Pilates program, beginner classes or personal pilates tuition.  
2. If you are new to exercise but without any major injuries or concerns:
Book onto one of our 3-4 week Beginner Pilates Courses  that will take you through the basics of Pilates on the mat, reformer, and cadiallac, as well as learning basic functional movements. Our key aim is to help you understand your own posture and how to correct it so that you can work more effectively in classes.
3. If you have done equipment Pilates classes in the past:
We recommend joining our beginning/intermediate level classes at first in order to understand our structure and style. Book a class on our timetable today!