The versatile weight loss and toning tool

Kettlebells exercises mimic the movements of every-day activities and engage several muscles simultaneously. They build strength and endurance and the high number of repetitions make using kettlebells a partially aerobic exercise, resulting in a high calorie burn. Technique is vital to using kettlebells correctly, and our team is trained to make sure that our clients are using good form, alignment, and the correct weight required for the exercise. When used correctly, kettlebells are suitable for all abilities and levels.
The benefits of exercising with Kettlebells include:

  • Cardiovascular fitness without having to run on a treadmill.
  • Strength training without having to go to the gym and 'pump' weights.
  • Hundreds of different moves and programme designs.
  • Equipment that's suitable to be used at home or outside the studio.
  • Perfect solution for “busy” people with limited time. You can get cardio, strength, flexibility and toning in one intense half hour workout.
  • Weight loss tool that's never boring.

Take our Professional Full Body MOT sessions with one of our instructors to learn the technique correctly before joining our classes. Ring us for details  
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Kettlebell on the ball

Kelly and Stuart are knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors. Their pilates and kettlebells classes have made a massive improvement to my hip problems as well as improving my overall fitness and body shape. They make the classes fun and varied and manage to provide a one-to-one feeling in a group setting through modifying certain exercises to suit my body.