Intelligent Fitness with Individual Focus

We care about your progress and your goals
Body Fit Solutions is an exercise studio with a difference. We are the only facility to offer intelligent fitness and pilates equipment classes in small groups under 12 people in the area. We have a team of health professionals including Pilates instructors, Functional Movement specialists, nutrition advisors, personal trainers, osteopath, and massage therapist who all work together to help each member to achieve their goals and cater to their needs. We focus on form where quality rules over quantity. Our small groups mean we can focus on YOU and what you need to move better, feel stronger, and be more flexible and confident in your exercise program. 
Why choose Body Fit Solutions over a gym, an aerobics class, or Pilates in a village hall?
We Care: We care more about results than numbers, so we limit our classes to 8-10 people. This small class size helps us guide you personally to achieve your goals
We Educate: Our clients go through three Professional Intro Sessions before attending a class. This helps them to understand their bodies better and learn how to correct imbalances they already have so they can progress further in the long run.
We Correct: Technique is the key. Correct movement reduces the chance of injury and provides better results. Quality, not quantity, is our aim.
We Provide Variety: We offer a wide range of unique classes and levels, ranging from beginner to advanced Pilates equipment and functional fitness classes, Kettlebells, ballet-inspired classes, and classic mat Pilates classes.
Easy to Manage your schedule: We have an online booking system and a choice of pricing options to suit your lifestyle - we can help you build exercise easily into your life
Contemporary Equipment: Our Pilates apparatus can improve core strength, flexibility and posture, while our Functional tools can increase your sporting performance, your strength, and your body tone.
We Train: We take time with our team to offer the highest-qualified instructors in the area who have an eye for detail and correction.

We look forward to working with you and changing your body for a lifetime.

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Intelligent exercise for better results

"I have only good things to say about Body Fit Solutions and Witney Personal Trainers--they are a professional team with a great deal of dedication who have worked with me in a sympathetic and understanding way to improve my fitness and flexibility. Time spent at the studio has become one of the highlights of my week."