Full Body MOT Sessions

A Good Foundation is Everything

Do want to understand why you have pain, achiness in muscles, loss of strength, flexibility or power. Or have reached a plateau in your training and don't understand why and want to better achieve your goals. Our FULL BODY MOT sessions are designed to assess your current movement pattern and give a program of exercises to help improve flexibility and strength in the right areas. 
Your 3 hours includes: 
1. You will be assessed by a Functional or Pilates Movement Specialist to see if your body has any imbalances that need to be addressed.
2. Following the assessment, you'll receive individualized corrective exercises for both studio and home practise that address any asymmetries or weaknesses found.
3. Your third session will include instruction on our functional or Pilates equipment to prepare you for our regular studio classes or further develop your program to continue personal training with your instructor.
Booked by appointment. Tell us about your past experience and we will design a programme that works for you.
Free 15min phone consultation
Full Body Mot £135 for 3 hours. £150 for 2 people sharing.
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Professional Intro Sessions assess your movement and cater to your needs

" I have been attending Body Fit fitness classes for about a year and have realized now how many bad habits I had developed over the years of doing various circuit classes. It wasn't until Stuart suggested I do the FULL body MOT assessment sessions that I understood how wrong I had been just ticking along. He really took the time to help me understand my mechanics and how I can get the most out of my classes with better technique. Its fine for only so long to just go through the motions and then you reach a plateau or injury. In my case I had a chronic back ache that I ignored and put down to how much I sit at work and not how out of balance I was in my body. A few home stretches and a better understanding of my body and now I am feeling so much more of the workouts I am doing, have less back pain...and am looking better for it also."
Sophie, 30