Equestrian Pilates

Improve your posture and precision on the horse

Body Fit Solutions works successfully with many riders in the Oxfordshire area who wish to improve their riding performance and/or use rehabilitative exercise to recover from injuries.  We run classes and semi-privates to help improve core strength, a better riding seat, and better balance and posture while remaining supple and controlled.

We also deliver regular Equestrian Pilates Workshops to teach techniques and exercises to improve riding performance for riders from all around the region. If you struggle to attend a regular class but wish to learn some key exercises specific to your sport for home, then these workshops are perfect for you.

Our team is enthusiastic about helping riders understand their own bodies and making long-term change that will benefit their performance with their horse. We use techniques and exercises from all our classes to deliver well-rounded and comprehensive sessions for the rider.
Equestrian Studio Sessions can accommodate up to 4 riders.
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"I began ‘proper Pilates’ in Feb 2012. I ride and for years had done mat Pilates, but working in a fully equipped Pilates Studio is a whole new experience and on a different level. It has transformed my seat and position as a rider and my posture has also hugely improved. Kelly is a inspirational trainer with a wealth of knowledge and expertise--she has an easy manner and we cannot recommend her highly enough."
Fiona, Dressage rider.