8 week NUTRI-FIT program

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After the success of our second programme in March 2017, we are pleased to be bringing back our Nutri-FIt programme again this May 3rd, 2017.  
This programme offers a unique approach to health, fitness and weightloss that doesn't focus on quick fixes, fads or dieting instead it uses simple and practical health advice that gives you results that lasts a lifetime.  Adopting healthy and practical eating habits that you can keep for life is the key to seeing results.  Our focus for the course is to educate each member on the importance of nourishing foods and how the foods you choose to eat impact your overall health and weight loss goals.  We also focus on Tabata style workouts to improve our members strength, tone, and endurance while promoting fat loss through 30 minute sessions (all levels welcome)
If you would like to transform your body in 8 weeks, join a friendly group of likeminded people to reach personal goals and be instructed by an expert trainer and nutritionist then join us for our upcoming course in April 2017.
Here's what our group had to say about the Nutri-Fit Program in 2017
'I Have just completed the 8 week Nutri-fit programme with my daughter and Niece and we LOVED every week!
We gained so much knowledge about all aspects of food and our overall health requirements that we have all made major changes to our diet and lifestyles and feel so much the better for it. This isn’t dieting , this is empowering and enlightening.  The concept is genius!  I definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants to ‘feel better’.  - S.C - Witney - 
' I'd highly recommend the two component Nutrifit Course to those like me wanting to improve their overall level of fitness and mobility, coupled with a long term healthy plan, as opposed to simply calorie counting.  Non preachy, perfectly pitched for all shapes, sizes, ages and ability levels, this supportive and non intimidating environment was a great kick start to a healthier, happier, fitter me.  Thank you.' - B.A - Witney -
'When I signed up for the Nutri Fit course the idea I liked most about it was the aim for a healthy enjoyable lifestyle which gave benefits long term. I was not disappointed at all, from the excellent weekly classes with clear explanations of different topics regarding health such as sleep patterns, stress when and how to incorporate fats in one's diet. Debbie covered all the relevant topics in a clear and encouraging way explaining the reasons and benefits behind healthy eating and the positive impact it makes on ones health.  Not only that, but weekly Debbie was also available on facebook, email etc to advise on any issues that arose when needed. Thank you so much Debbie for a fantastic experience which I can take forward into my daily life.' 


'I think your course was excellent and I learned a HUGE amount from you and loved the recipes.  I look forward to joining in future courses and returning to my fitness programme in the new year'
'I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their diet and overall well being.  I have taken away a lot from the course including: ensuring I stay hydrated, incorporating healthier snacks, reducing alcohol, adding in new foods to support my health, enjoying new and delicious recipes and challenging my body with new exercises for long term health'
If you missed the chance to join in our 8 week program that started January 25th you can sign up for our next course starting May 3rd, 2017. 
Wednesdays 9:30am and 7:30pm 
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Fitness Challenge Videos

Body Fit Solutions 30min strength and sculpt core workout.

30 Minute Strength and Core Workout

BodyFit Solutions Fitness Challenge 2. Circuit Training. Pete Ashman

Body Fit Circuit

Body Fit Solutions Myofascial foam rolling warm up

Foam Rolling Myofascial release

Body Fit Solutions Warm Up for Fitness Challenge.

Warm up

Body Fit Solutions cool down stretch for fitness challenge

Cool down stretch

Body Fit Solutions Tabata Cardio Ab workout for 21 Day Reboot

Cardio 1 - Cardio Ab Tabata

Body Fit Solutions Lower body strength blast for 21 Day Reboot

Lower Body 2 - Strength

Body Fit Solutions Stretch and Recover Workout for 21 Day Reboot

Stretch and Recover