Small Pilates and Fitness Classes in Witney - with a Difference

Excellent tuition with a personal touch

Body Fit Solutions is a bespoke studio offering intelligent fitness, Pilates classes, and personal training in Witney, Oxfordshire. We aim to keep you active longer with high-quality Pilates equipment and functional fitness sessions where good technique and posture are the focus. Working in small groups of 8-10, you'll be guided towards achieving your health and fitness goals. Kelly and Stuart are qualified, highly-experienced Pilates and fitness professionals who have spent the last 15 years perfecting their skills as personal trainers and corrective exercise specialists. They have a passion for educating and motivating people, and teach effective forms of movement that keep clients happy and able to attain the results they desire.

We are located at Balance Studios in Witney Town Centre, at Bridge Street Mill off Bridge Street.  Our two studios offer over 30 classes in both Pilates and functional fitness, beginner Pilates courses, a Gentle program for those with injury, kettlebells, endurance training as well as sport-specific programs and personal training for those looking for more individualised training.
How do I start?
1. If you are very new to exercise or have any injuries or major imbalances, book our Full Body MOT Sessions which are 3 private one-hour sessions with an Instructor who will assess your posture, give you corrective exercises specific to your needs, and prepare you for any of our classes. This will provide the foundations and education on good technique and form that you will need to have success in our classes. 
2. If you are new to exercise or Pilates and do not have any major injuries, book onto one of our Beginner Pilates Courses or book an intro to fitness session to be shown how to use our functional equipment. Our Beginner Pilates Course is 3-4 weeks of guided instruction to help you learn about your posture and be more equipped to attend our regular classes. You will learn the prepatory exercises on the Pilates mat with small props, reformer, and Cadillac wall springs, as well as basic functional movement exercises. Our Intro to fitness session is a 1-1 (can be booked as a duo) to help you learn functional movement patterns and work with the functional tools we use in classes. 
3. If you have worked on Pilates equipment and/or functional fitness equipment before and have over 10 classes of experience, please join any of the classes on our timetable. We recommend that you attend our beginner/intermediate sessions first so that you can get comfortable with our style and language before moving up a level.
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